Why you should consider Game Based Learning in online courses

Game based learning is taking over our education industry, but it is not exactly revolutionary. If you take a look at any popular game and analyze the constituents that make it most enjoyable to players, it is usually an element of learning. There is a rush of achievement we gain from mastering rules and using them to lead a superior outcome. Even when we do not win the game, we observe our committed errors of inefficiency and notice in our competitors’ strategies and maybe weaknesses that we can use to our advantage. We learn while we play the game, and that mastery is what makes the challenge so enticing.

The gamification definition is the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity, usually as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

The brain enjoys progress. No matter what the subject matter is, our minds like grappling with new systems, creating new or using new routes within existing neural pathways. Educators and business leaders have realized more recently that if users so enjoy gamification, why limit the material absorbed to entertainment? Our brains are already working diligently to learn throughout the game, so why not use this opportunity to present education content and invite people to learn while they play.

Did you notice I gave business leaders credit for the development alongside educators? Education Gamification can harness an incredible potential for the power of global learning, but it is no stranger to profit. In the U.S. about 170 million people were playing video and computer game in 2008. They spent a record $11.7 billion that year. Now imagine the number of players engaged with our recent boom of app and mobile game developments. The gaming industry is on top, and it has room for education.

If you ever had a friend with a significant other who played World of Warcraft, you know the drama that is the addiction of a good game. World of Warcraft all but took over our adolescent-middle adult population with its ability to so deeply engage a consumer; the player was trading nights’ of sleep for screen time. The average time playing World of Warcraft consistently sat at 23 hours a week. Remember, that’s an average, many people are playing double or triple that amount of time.

Developers quickly realized that if a game can be created strategically enough to offer the most immersive and sufficiently challenging user experience, the user will keep providing. This is when education-minded individuals teamed up with entrepreneurial spirits to forge a path for gaming and education, together. Twenty-three hours might seem like a lot of time devoted to a game, but if it is a medical student avidly practicing virtual surgical procedures on patients in a game-like fashion, is there a benefit to the “play” time? We think so.

So what makes game-based learning so effective?

For most children growing up in the U.S., learning relied significantly on memorization. Lists, letters, times tables, and rules were constantly handed out to be memorized and retorted. In spaces of limited time, there is an element of motivation behind the need to memorize. More often, there is not a time constituent that is demanding enough to inspire the student to keep learning. Instead, they need to be brought into a virtual reality where like in real life, pressure is applied to situations and the brain must quickly deduce the facts to induce a correct response. Enter gaming.

Gaming creates effective and interactive experiences in which a student can be active and later apply to real-world situations and challenges. Strong games will often mirror real life enough so that the student can easily apply the knowledge acquired in the game to every day’s challenges. This is one of the most important elements a game: its similarity to real life. Strong UI and UX design teams are what make or break a successful education application.

Another useful aspect of gaming is its closeness to real life, but its consequence freedom in real life. Meaning, I might lose my game by crashing in the aircraft simulator. But I am not crashing in real life. I am still alive and intact, responsible for no passengers on board. Repetitive behavior in this type of simulated situation can help put the pilot at ease and able to make a calm, collected decision. In real life, that calmness will not be as generous, but if the student has practiced the behavior enough times, it will come naturally in a moment of panic. The lack of real consequence also allows the student to experiment with different methods of execution. They can virtually learn first-hand why some techniques do not work. Why some cause more complication than reward. Why others might be their personally best solution in a given situation. The virtual reality of gaming combined with educational environments offers the best practical experience to the student outside of the clinic or lab. It is immersive, hands-on, engaging enough to inspire repetition and challenging enough to invoke commitment to the learning process.

How we learn in the game is as important as is how we engage with the virtual experience interface.

Gamification in education is changing the way the next generation are willing to engage with new content. It is changing the way all of us engage with educational material. Compared to traditional training and hands-on training, game-based learning comes with the following advantages:

  • Cost effective. Game based learning is the most cost effective educational tool we have yet encountered. It is available on any WiFi-equipped device, most of which are available to the masses at an affordable, low price. Hands on training provides a similar outcome as far as product knowledge and function expertise, but it is so expensive that not everyone can afford this type of training.

  • Low physical risk. As mentioned, games allow for simulations to mirror reality without any real-life risk. Although hands-on approaches instill significant knowledge in the student, there is exceptional risk at hand in every trial. Traditional classroom and online learning is safe, but its effectiveness is far inferior to the engagement of games.
  • Standardized assessments for peer comparisons. Gaming allows for a social sphere to surface that suspends the usual limits of our classrooms for comparison. Students can learn and measure results against students from anywhere, at any age, and see how they are developing in particular subject matters. If schooling is not difficult enough to inspire growth in a student, gaming allows this person to engage with higher intellect in the virtual space and to improve their skills accordingly. Traditional learning allows a much smaller, more limited scope for comparison and hands-on training usually, involves none. Hands-on is set up more like an apprenticeship with some undeniable advantages, but there is little opportunity to check and balance one’s rate of growth against fellow learners.
  • High engagement. Games are as engaging as hands-on training. Developers have found precise ways to manipulate playing fields so that the user feels constantly involved, challenged and wanting to learn more. The more involved the student is, the more attention they can give the subject, the more likely they are to follow along and the more they are going to learn, just by remaining engaged. Gaming provides this pathway all the while leading the player to conquer a challenge that leaves them inspired, educated and wanting to play more.
  • Tailored learning pace. We all know that the classroom and traditional learning methods do not follow a timeline that is conducive to all students. More than ever, students are diverse and on pathways that we recognize as needing particular subsets to gainfully educate them along the way. Gaming caters the learning process to every single student. It allows for the one-on-one pace needed in the traditional setting that is just too expensive and too impractical to implement. The tailored learning pace makes it easy for the student to grasp information when there are ready, re-read and revisit information as many times as needed, and to grow without feeling the pressure of time constraints. Students are free to spend as much time as necessary to grasp concepts and take away valuable learnings.
  • Immediate feedback. One of the best elements of gaming is the immediate feedback. You can probably remember when you were in school and got exams or homework back, only to see that you have red circles indicating wrong answers. By the time you can review on your own and make it back to the teacher to ask for more information on the red penning, you’ve likely lost interest or forgotten what your brain was thinking while coming up with the wrong answer that you wrote down. Worse, if you got a grade that was high enough to pass the course, you probably failed to follow up on the wrong answer at all. In gaming, it isn’t just about a score sufficient enough to get to the next level. It is about mastering a level so expertly that you get to enter a new realm. Right away, games reveal wrong answers. You are either prompted to go back to the start of the level or given the correct answer to the problem with a solid, understandable explanation. The game encourages you to learn everything along the path, not just enough to get by.

  • Transfer of practice to the real world. Advancements in technology have allowed developers to build simulated experiences that scarily mimic the real world. Virtual reality can feel more real to us at the time than actuality- it is incredible. By creating an experience that is so similar to real life, gamers can easily transfer knowledge absorbed, and skills practiced in the game to the real matter at hand in their job or educational field. Transferring knowledge and skills has been one of the biggest feats of our education system. You often hear that a college major does not matter or that students graduate still knowing very little about the tangible applications of their industry. Gaming breaks down that wall between the two worlds, offering players a glimpse into the reality that they will soon face. A hands-on approach to learning provides the same benefit, and possibly to a greater extent, but it does not offer as many additional benefits as does game-based education.
  • Active engagement. Being active while learning gives students a sense of purpose and a real need to follow and complete challenges. When the success of the lesson is in their hands, engagement spikes through the roof. In traditional learning, students are merely asked to follow along. Engagement is responsive, not active. Take for example a reluctant reader who enters the world of historical fiction. The reader is prompted to determine on the protagonist’s behalf where the story should go. When they make an incorrect historical choice, the reader is prompted to go back to the beginning. Now that reluctant reader needs to re-read all of the information, practice reading while paying closer attention to the details so that when prompted again, they can make the correct, historical choice for the protagonist and eventually “win” the game.

As digital games become more accessible around the globe, the effectiveness of their educational service will also increase. Keeping consumers actively engaged will continue to supersede the traditionally passive classroom approach. Although gaming in our foreseeable future is a supplementary learning tool, we should all be in store for a real shift in our approach to education. Will active learning become the norm in the classroom? Will gaming override standard memorization? The intersection of activity and passivity in our learning will be one of the most exciting and life-changing shifts to watch throughout the coming decades.

As we make advancements in education, companies in every industry are adopting gaming as a way to engage their most active and their most reluctant employees. Online courses no longer face the limits of reading and answering quiz questions. Users are engaged, challenged, and constantly seeking new ways to learn more. If you want to learn more about educational gamification or any other digital applications (like online scheduling software and appointment scheduling software) to make your brand stand out, get in touch with Appointment-Plus. Whether you need an appointment calendar to keep shifts and employees in line or a complete makeover to automate the majority of your business, we have everything you need!


Tips for First-Time Grand Canyon Backpackers

If you are looking to visit the Grand Canyon National Park, there is no perfect time to go but right now! If you have never been to this natural wonder, you need to make the necessary preparations immediately. Taking a trip to the Grand Canyon is like no other. Due to its massive size and the wide array of programs, facilities, and activities (like Havasu Falls Hike) that the park offers, it is hard to organize the trip altogether. To simplify things, here are a few tips that you should never forget!

  1. Don’t forget to wear proper shoes when visiting the Grand Canyon. This is especially true if you are planning to sign up for nature walks and hike trails. The Grand Canyon terrain is extremely rugged. Using the wrong pair of shoes will only make it difficult for you to complete a trail or will leave you with a painful pair of feet at the end of the day. If you’re taking a multi-day trip to the Grand Canyon consisting of hiking, invest in a good pair of footwear.
  2. Bring water. You need to bring your own water container if you are to visit the Grand Canyon. Make sure to bring water-filtering system too. This will enable you to use the water on site and make sure that it is clean to drink.
  3. Do not forget to sunscreen with powerful SPF features. As the temperature at the Grand Canyon can increase rapidly during the day, you need to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Without sun protection, you might be force to cut your hike short due to sunburn.
  4. Pack light, but don’t forget the essentials. If you’re going on a hike or do an overnight camping, don’t forget to bring the essentials. For one, pack a lightweight tent with you and a sleeping bag. Make sure to bring food items that are easy to prepare as well as lightweight. Don’t forget to bring jackets so you can layer them with your usual clothes once it falls dark.

Here are Important Things to Know about Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass boasts an addicting, vibrant, and energizing scent like no other. Not only is it fragrant, but it delivers a host of health and wellness benefits too. Apart from it being a cooking staple in most Asian cultures,, lemongrass in its essential oil form is increasing in popularity due to its many aromatic and therapeutic uses and benefits.

You should always have lemongrass essential oil in your first-aid kit. It can be used for many emergency cases mainly because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It also features analgesic qualities that makes lemongrass essential oil the best product to use for topical pain relief.

The antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics of lemongrass essential oil also means that you can use it to prevent the spread and invasion of disease-causing microorganisms, thus avoiding infection and complications both at the same time.

Lemongrass essential oil is highly potent and highly concentrated, thus it is wise to  mix it with a carrier oil. Lemongrass when used by itself can cause redness and irritation on the skin.

The health benefits of lemongrass essential oil

  1. It soothes the muscles and relaxes the tendon. Topical application of lemongrass essential oil brings immediate relief to tense and tired muscles. It works well when sorting out knots and spasms that attack in the middle of the night.
  2. If you want fast relief from that piercing headache, take a quick whiff of single lemongrass essential oil. It’s the best essential oil if you want to get rid of allergy-induced headaches.
  3. Arthritis and joint pain. Lemongrass boasts anti-inflammatory properties that work well in reducing the symptoms of inflammation that affect the muscles and joints.
  4. Pulled muscles can benefit from regular topical application of lemongrass essential oil.

To know more about lemongrass essential oil, and what it can bring to uplift your sense of health and wellness, visit  http://www.aromahq.com/lemongrass-oil/.


3 Alternatives to Clumping Clay Kitty Litters

It is very hard to choose the best clumping cat litter for your cat, because there are so many options available these days. Clumping clay kitty litters are more available and they are very popular. However, non-clumping litters are still used. Let’s look at the 3 alternatives to clumping clay kitty litters.

1: Recycled Paper Litter

You can find paper litters in most pet stores. You can find these litters in the small animal section. They are usually sold as cage lining material. You can even make your own paper litters using baking soda, biodegradable dish soap, warm water and recycled newspaper. The paper litter doesn’t clump; therefore, you will remove the soiled paper daily. Clean the box frequently.

2: Natural Litter

There are so many litters that clump, so it is very easy to scoop the litter box. However, they are not effective at clumping as clay litter, but know that they are more effective than the recycled paper litters. Natural litters are made of wheat or wood pulp. You can buy them in your local pet store or you can buy them online.

3: Toilet Training

You can train your car to use the regular toilet or train the cats to use their own toilet. Buy a flushing litter box, which you will hook up the water system. There are different companies that sell kits on how to train your cat to use a toilet. You can even find video tutorials online. Training your cat to use a toilet may take several months or even years. Therefore, you have to be patient and know it might not work for most cats.

These are the alternatives to clumping clay kitty litters. You can use one of these alternatives. Choose the one that you are comfortable with. If you like training your cat, you can train the cat to use the toilet.

The Top 5 Healthy Sources of Protein

Rapid weight loss is the only goal that all dieters have. Who doesn’t want to lose weight within a short period of time? Of course, we all want to speed up weight loss, than wait for years for results to become noticeable. One of the most effective ways to achieve faster weight loss is the increase of protein intake in our diets (with Apex Serum of Youth). Protein is known to rev up metabolism so we burn more calories as we go. Proteins are also great sources of energy that we need in order to execute regular workouts including cardio and strength training.

Here are the top 5 best sources of protein for rapid weight loss!

  • Pork Loin

This may sound strange, but pork loin is actually one of the best sources of protein, given it is prepared in a healthy manner. You will need to slow cook, roast, or barbecue pork loin to ensure that you are getting enough meat with less fat. A single, 3-ounce serving of oven-roasted pork loin delivers about 28 grams of protein.

  • Turkey Breast

Turkey meat is lean and healthy. It delivers up to 26 grams of protein per 3-ounce serving.

  • Halibut

Tuna and salmon are two of the most popular protein choices, but did you known that the firm, white meat of halibut packs more protein? With halibut, you get 1 gram of protein per 4.5 calories. Other fish items that feature high amounts of protein are cod, snapper, and perch.

  • Vegan Protein Powder

If you are strength training, you will need protein whey as pre or post-workout meal. Plan-based protein shakes contain up to 20 grams of protein per scoop. Proteins that are sourced from plants are less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome. If you want to maintain your ideal weight or lose the last few pounds, drinking vegan protein powder is a must.

  • Black Rice

Black rice is considered whole grain, thus is has low carbs and boasts high fiber levels. You can get as much as ten grams of protein per cup of rice. It’s an even healthier alternative to brown rice.


Keep your Things Safe and Secure in Delray Beach Storage Units

There are a few things that consumers need to remember when choosing between storage service facilities. As there is a great demand for self-storage in Delray Beach, it is important to understand how to choose wisely so you end up with a storage unit that fits your needs and is within your budget too!

  • Location

There are some real estate rules that apply in the self-storage industry. For instance, a storage company that is located in the city usually offers more expensive units, whilst those that are located along the outskirts of Delray Beach for instance will offer units at lesser premiums. If you don’t need regular access to your items in storage, it may be more practical to choose a storage unit outside of town.

The cost of placing valuables in storage varies from business to business. There are smaller companies that offer units at favorable price points, whilst there are bigget storage companies that offer their services at premium price tags. Make sure to identify your needs of features so you can make a sensible decision. Do not forget to shop around and compare rates between three to four delray beach storage  companies. Instead of obtaining services from the first storage service company that you see, try to shop around to get the best deals.

  • Security Features

It is important to check the security features offered by the storage company of choice. Even if you are storing not-so-expensive items, you still don’t want them stolen, right? Make sure to strike a contract with a facility that can ensure that your items are kept safe and secure at all times.

Security measures that should be included are video surveillance, security guards, security locks, and fencing to name a few.

  • Insurance

Contact your homeowner before you plan on moving things out of your home. Most home insurance policies include home and contents insurance, which means that your valuables in storage facilities are adequately protected in the case of damage or theft. It is also possible for you to purchase a separate insurance policy for items in storage.


It’s A Little Hard Determining The Top 3 Birthday Party Packages In Another City

It’s a little hard determining the top 3 birthday party packages in another city. Yet, that is exactly what I am trying to do. My wife and kids and I will be visiting her parents in their city in the summer when two of my three kids turn a year older. Since we know we’re celebrating multiple birthdays out there, we want to take the kids out for each one.

Knowing my wife’s parents, they’d just blend the birthdays together even though they’re almost a month apart. I understand that for them, but it’s not fair to the kids.

The thing I’m struggling with though is the online options and reviews. The city is something of a touristy and resort place, which is largely why they retired there. However, some of these reviews and options seem to focus on tourist options, whereas others are more geared for locals. We’re going to really be neither.

I may just wind up coming up with a list of the top 3 birthday party packages in both category, just to give my wife options to look over. Right now she’s totally lost in trying to make any choices at all, so maybe narrowing things will keep her from pulling her beautiful hair out (well, actually, I’m glad I found Partyopedia).


Choosing the Best Real Estate Agency for Luxury Properties in Miami

If you are looking to purchase and invest your hard-earned money to Miami Luxury Real estate, you need a reliable and efficient real estate agent or professional to work with you. You just can’t obtain the services of the first real estate agent on the list, you need a professional that boasts expertise in facilitating the sale of luxury homes.

The first thing to remember is to get the services of a real estate agent in Miami that will always keep your best interest in mind. Only luxury real estate agents have full knowledge of this niche industry, and have strong, high-end connections too. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is important to obtain the services of an agent that already has a few successful cases of selling or buying luxury properties in the past.

As large sums of cash are at stake when buying or selling a luxury condo or home, you need to find an agent that is trustworthy and one that can find you a client within a short period of time.

If you are a buyer, a reliable real estate agent will be able to find you a list of homes to check out within a short period of time. He or she will be able to focus his attention on listings that you are most likely to buy than showing you a long list of homes in Miami.

When looking for a luxury real estate agent, you need to find one that has extensive experience in finding luxury properties like condos in Miami or Miami beach homes. For instance, if you are looking for a high-end condominium with beachfront views, you need to hire a real estate agent with years of experience in selling properties in this niche.

It’s easier to find a high-end property if you sift through a list of real estate agents in newspapers or from online. You may ask around from colleagues and friends who have had experience in buying or selling luxury homes. If one or two names stand out every time, then you may want to seek his or her expertise.


The Different Types of Arizona Home Loans

One crucial element of a home loan is the i0nterest rate.  This refers to the total cost that a mortgage lender charges to approve a loan. This includes processing costs that a lender may inure while processing your loan application. The interest rate has to be paid back together with the principal over a set period of time. There are instances wherein the interest will only be paid for the first few years of the loan, whilst there are some cases wherein interest rate will be spread across the entire length of the loan.

Interest rates for home loans may vary on a case-to-case basis. Various factors are considered when calculating a home loan. For instance, credit score is a serious consideration when lenders compute for interest rates. Applicants with flawless credit rating are assessed with lower interest rates, whilst those with satisfactory or poor credit score may be assessed a higher interest rate. Although this is the case, homeowners with high interest rates may opt to refinance in order for their interest rates, and in essence, their monthly payments to decrease over time.

Failure to make regular, timely monthly payments will subject a homeowner to foreclosure. If a homeowner defaults on their mortgage, the bank or the mortgage lender will have the right to repossess the home altogether. To avoid foreclosure, banks and lending agencies offer a variety of repayment schemes that help homeowners catch up with their late payments so they can remain current once again.

There are two different types of mortgage

  • Fixed-rate mortgage

The most common form of mortgage is fixed-home mortgage. In this case, the interest rate remains the same throughout the entire life of the loan. The different subtypes of fixed-rate mortgage are as follows:

  • 30-year fixed rate
  • 20-year fixed rate
  • 15-year fixed rate

Fixed-rate mortgage are applicable for homeowners who plan to stay in their homes for 10 years or longer.

  • Adjustable-rate mortgage

As the name implies, adjustable-rate mortgage changes on a regular basis, typically once a year, and is affected by market conditions. This means that monthly payments may change according to movement of various market forces. The main selling point of an adjustable-rate mortgage is that the initial interest rates are considerably lower than that of fixed-rate mortgage. An adjustable-rate home loan is ideal for Arizona homeowners who only wish to stay in their house for a few years (check online to learn more about arizona home loans).


Compare Car Insurance Quotes Using These Simple Tips And Strategies

To get the best prices on any type of insurance, it requires you to get multiple quotes from different companies that offer this type of product. Insurance is an essential part of driving, and without it, you will not be able to legally drive. It’s important to compare different rates to find out how much you can actually save. This will help you put more money into your pocket as the months passed by. The following tips will show you how to compare car insurance quotes using these simple tips and strategies (and eventually get the cheapest auto insurance rates).

What To Look For With These Companies

A cursory search on the Internet will lead you to an assortment of companies that will have different policies and rates to share with you. You will want to compare all of the policies that they offer and find one that will actually be cheaper for you. There are certain things that can change over time including whether you need comprehensive and collision coverage, or whether or not you just need liability. You should also consider getting a lower deductible, and by doing so, even though you will pay more per month, going to save you money in the long run.

Choose The One That Saves You The Most

The save the most money on your insurance, it’s a simple matter of selecting the companies that will save you the most money. Then you will need to look at how much the deductibles are and choose a business that will save you a substantial amount of money yet still give you the best coverage with a lower deductible. It’s easy to find these companies if you spend the time, and you will definitely get a better deal by the time your research is over once you compare car insurance quotes.